We provide you with everything you need to execute your content marketing strategy and to attract, qualify and convert leads. We also help you strengthen your brand, go to market as a ‘thought-leader’ and build trust.

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract best-fit customers to your business. The content you send out draws you to the attention of prospects, and the content on your website supports your buyers’ journeys and helps them make informed decisions.

In fact, your business cannot grow without content. Your customers are expecting it. They have become used to finding helpful content online and for free. Also, Google’s algorithms now rank webpages on their relevancy and usefulness.

As experienced technical writers, communicators and marketers we’ve optimised our Content Creation service to provide you with a diverse content mix, one that includes but is not limited to articles | blog posts | bios | brochures | news items | e-newsletters | infographics | video scripts and website pillar pages. Moreover, as former journalists, we’re experienced at conducting interviews, meaning we can also write case studies for you, plus we’re expert at capturing (or proposing) the quotes needed to bring your news items to life.

How do I personally benefit from Declaration’s Content Creation service?

Good content – written by professional writers who know your industry, understand your products and appreciate your marketing goals – should be available for you as and when you need it.

You’re far more valuable to your company when you’re managing the marketing, measuring its effectiveness and supporting your colleagues in sales and BD.

We’ll deliver what you need when you need it. Simply give us sight of your content marketing strategy and share your content calendar with us and we’ll create that steady stream of fresh and engaging content you need.

About the service

Our Content Creation service starts at just £2,200*

It is provided under an annually renewable contract.

Yes, I need good, fresh content on a regular basis

Book a free confidential consultation with us and let’s discuss your content marketing strategy, and how Declaration can deliver the content you need when you need it.

* Terms and conditions apply.

In need of something else?

Something to shout about?

In addition to creating your news, we can also write and distribute press releases and compelling social media posts. We can also place your articles and case studies in high profile trade press publications and online.

We'll take care of it all for you

Do you need support managing your campaigns? Or perhaps you need to be away from work for an extended period of time. We can help.

We offer a comprehensive Campaign Management service, delivered under a strict service-level agreement and under which we effectively become your joint Marketing Manager. We’ll manage specific campaigns for you AND produce all the content and make all the communications necessary to ensure success.

Not quite ready for long-term/on-going support?

Not to worry. If you want to trial our services, we offer an six-week Marcoms Accelerator service. It draws from our Content Creation and Media Communications services and is ideal if you have a campaign or project that requires getting new content in front of your customers.


If you have questions about how we can help grow your business and make your job easier, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can book a free and confidential consultation with us here.

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