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Here’s what our clients have to say…

“Declaration is a highly valued extension to my US-based marketing team. Located in the UK, Declaration is ideally positioned for when marketing activities involve working with customers, third parties and trade press publications in Europe. But they are far more than a satellite marketing operation, most of the content they produce is for our global marcomms and Richard Warrilow currently hosts most of our webinars for US-based attendees.”

Louie De Luna

Director of Marketing, Aldec Inc.

“Declaration managed the communications campaign for our new product superbly. As experienced engineers they recognized the most important features of our new product and, having worked in the trade press, wrote a press release that attracted the attention of editors in three continents.”

Erik Barhorst

Managing Director, Logic-X

“Declaration is very much part of Team Nexus. They’ve greatly boosted our presence in the industry, made us into a voice-of-authority and support us in ways no other marketing agency could”.

Michael Barrett

Managing Director, Nexus Industrial Memory

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“I first worked with Declaration in 2012, when I was the Business Development Executive of the semiconductor business unit of a well-known US Defence company. I recognised back then that Declaration provides a unique service. They take challenges in their stride, are flexible, trustworthy and have high integrity. When I subsequently joined HORIBA, I was quick to bring Declaration onboard to support me again.”

Phil Burnside

Head of Marketing & New Business Development, HORIBA UK

“Before engaging Declaration, our press releases resulted in little coverage. Now, we’re getting pick up in, on average, six leading trade publications every time a PR goes out. Also, we’d never submitted any thought-leadership articles or case studies to editors for consideration before, because our sales engineers are too busy to create the material and I don’t have a technical background.”

Victoria Barrett

Marketing Director, Nexus Industrial Memory

“As a technical distributor working in advanced engineering sectors, we’re keen to add value to the services we provide our suppliers and partners. We and they are impressed with Declaration’s fresh approach to content-driven marketing and advice-led trade press communications.”

Eamonn Redmond

Sales Manager, Inseto (UK) Limited

Declaration has been working as part of our technical marketing and sales team since 2017 and has supported us on a number of campaigns. Their professionalism, proactivity and ability to deliver high quality content within very tight timeframes have been of great value to us. Working with Declaration is enjoyable and has enabled everyone involved in the marketing process here to free up time to focus on the more strategic aspects of our business, plus they’re assisting us greatly with communicating HORIBA’s value proposition.”

Ifigenia Balkoura

Senior Creative Content, HORIBA UK

Here’s what editors have to say…

“Having worked in various editorial roles and for a variety of technical publications, I’ve received many article submissions over the years that have brought tears to my eyes. But not tears of joy. I can’t tell you how often I’ve agreed an article brief – of so many words and images, along with a strict submission deadline – with an agency or company’s in-house marketing person only to receive copy that is not only delivered late but also with far too many or far too few words and/or images. In the case of print publications, that’s a nightmare to manage because the flat plan is already set, and we can’t miss our printing slot. As for the copy, its value to my readers can be hit and miss and often contains product plugging.

However, when I recently received an article from Declaration it was like a breath of fresh air. I was genuinely impressed. They delivered what they said they would, a little before the agreed submission date, and the word count and provision of images were exactly as promised. Most importantly, the copy was well-written, engaging, void of marketing hype, and was formatted in such a way that made editing (not that much was needed) and page layout very easy. The quality of their work and their appreciation of editorial and publishing requirements is increasingly rare these days. It’s a real pleasure to work with professionals like the folks at Declaration”.

Clive "Max" Maxfield

Editor in Chief, Designing Electronics North America (DENA)

“I’ve known Richard and Mandy – the Declaration team – for decades!

Richard was a fellow journalist, and his technical background shows in the copy he provided to his magazine then and to us, the editors, now. Richard delivers on the briefs, knowing exactly what editors need – certainly when it comes to the technical detail. The material is well considered, researched and prepared, and delivered in a timely manner, which is invaluable to editorial teams.”

Svetlana Josifovska

Editor, Electronics World and Automation Magazines

“As the editor of a leading electronics magazine, I receive about 90 press releases a day. Of these, only an extreme few will make the cut and be reproduced as news because I have precious little time to prioritise which news items will be of most value to my readers. Declaration gets this. They never send me anything they feel won’t be of relevance and what they do send is written in a way that enables me to make a decision in a matter of seconds.”

Neil Tyler

Editor, New Electronics

“Declaration isn’t quite like your typical PR agency. They really understand advanced engineering, from both technical and market perspectives, and they understand the world of publishing. The benefit to me is that if I have any questions, Declaration will seek and provide answers they personally understand. That’s invaluable if I’m up against a deadline because all a non-technical agency can do is act as a messenger – understanding neither my questions nor their client’s answers.”

Elizabeth Valero

Editor, Commercial Micro Manufacturing

“Declaration writes engaging case studies. In addition to explaining who did what where and why, there’s always information present that will help others. It’s clear, when reading a case study penned by Declaration, that they’re engineers at heart and that they want to help others, and not just tell a ‘Company X Saved the Day’ story. Their case studies have real value and portray their clients in a particularly good light”.

Rachael Morling

Editor, Solutions

Here’s what others have to say…

“We recently supported one of Declaration’s clients with a case study. We’re doing some extremely advanced work, but it was clear from the outset that Declaration knew the subject matter – and knew it well. Just one interview, the provision of a near-right-first time draft, a few tweaks by email and job done. I estimate that I and my colleagues involved in the case study invested no more than a few hours of our time.”

Dr Peter Gammon

Associate Professor (Reader) in SiC Power Electronics, University of Warwick

It’s all about representation


The behaviour, professionalism, efficiency and politeness of an agency is a direct reflection on the company that appointed them. At Declaration we take great pride in the fact that our clients trust us with their brand when we talk to their customers and partners (for case studies, for example) and when we communicate with editors on their behalf.

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