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Nexus Industrial Memory enjoys better customer engagements as a result of greater trade press coverage, videos and representation at trade events.


“Declaration is very much part of Team Nexus. They’ve greatly boosted our presence in the industry, made us into a voice-of-authority and support us in ways no other marketing agency could.”

Michael Barrett, Managing Director

Nexus in the news

Flexxon appoints Nexus: giving engineers easy access to specialist memory for embedded systems

Focussing on cyber security, Electronics Weekly

Nexus articles and case studies

Click here to view a pdf of case study entitled “Braving the elements” or visit solutions to view case study in the November 2020 issue.



“Get your industrial memory up to form” appeared in print in Controls, Drives and Automation magazine.

“Stay Safe” appeared in Electronics Sourcing – UK & Ireland magazine.

 “Gone in a flash” appeared in Elektronikknett.

“Removables for Renewables” in Industrial Plant and Equipment magazine.

“A Distant Memory” appeared in Electronics Sourcing – UK & Ireland magazine.

What’s the back story?

We first supported Nexus in late 2018 with the provision of just a few articles. By May 2019 we were representing them at trade events.

Those early articles were guidance pieces and appeared in a number of leading trade press publications. We were then asked to enhance the content of those articles with further information for presentations needed for workshops and seminars in 2019. Impressed with that work, and the speed with which we became familiar with the products the company sells, Nexus asked us to also give the presentations on their behalf. We were honoured.

We closed 2019 co-developing a ‘cyber security’ campaign with Nexus – key milestones in which were a product launch and a series of media briefings, which resulted great coverage of the new product and requests for articles.

Though the world changed greatly in Q1 2020, we had lined up more than enough work (chiefly article, case study and blog writing) to take us to the end of year and into 2021.

We were also extremely humbled when Nexus asked us to give our opinion (based on our hands-on engineering experiences and as former journalists) regarding the company’s selection of a new supplier.


“Before engaging Declaration, our press releases resulted in little coverage. Now, we’re getting pick up in, on average, six leading trade publications every time a PR goes out. Also, we’d never submitted any thought-leadership articles or case studies to editors for consideration before, because our sales engineers are too busy to create the material and I don’t have a technical background.”

Victoria Barrett, Marketing Director

After something similar?

Nexus Industrial Memory benefits greatly from outsourcing to Declaration. You could too so, if you’re interested in increasing your presence in advanced engineering markets – whilst simultaneously de-risking your BD activities – connect with us for a free and confidential discussion.

This presentation was created and recorded by Declaration’s Richard Warrilow. It is an extract made for YouTube, of one presented by Richard (guest speaking on behalf of Nexus) at PCB Live 2019.

The Extra Mile

“Declaration recently supported us in the selection of a supplier, one of four we were considering. Investigating all four, and reporting back, Declaration reached the same conclusion as us. This gave us the confidence that the new supplier’s products would sit well alongside our existing ones, and that they have strong, marketable benefits. I know of no other marketing company that could have helped de-risk our BD plans in this way.”

Michael Barrett

Managing Director

From our perspective

“We very much enjoy our relationship with Nexus. They have great products and are committed to helping their customers. Everyone in the team is focussed and on top of fulfilling their individual responsibilities; be they engineering, sales, customer support or marketing.

Where we come in, and what gives us a buzz, is working with the specialists within Nexus to produce results for the entire team and making everyone’s lives that much easier. There’s a huge amount of expertise in the company (e.g. advice that can be reproduced in blogs and articles) and their customers think very highly of them (e.g. scope for case studies, news items and testimonials).

We’re honoured to speak on Nexus’ behalf at trade events and to be their Press Office. Also, it’s great that they trust us to deliver strategy and content, and that they’re so comfortable with us talking to their suppliers and customers. Short of having Nexus business cards and Nexus email addresses, I don’t think the relationship could be any closer.”

Richard Warrilow – Director, Declaration