Operating practices

Unlike other agencies we do not operate ‘fixed-content’ services. Instead, we operate a versatile ‘activities and credits’ scheme that assures you a rapid response when you need things from us.  Our services are also highly flexible and scalable.

Since launching Declaration in year 2000, we have operated a system under which every activity we perform, such as writing an article or designing an infographic, has a credit value. We currently have more than 40 clearly defined activities, the credit values for which are based on time (the average amount of time the activity has taken in the past) and the draw on resources for which time and/or money has already been invested. For example, we distinguish between ‘originating’ content, ‘reworking’ content you or we have created in the past and simply ‘subbing’ content you have supplied.

Each of our services comes with a number of credits already included – Marcoms Accelerator (60), Content Creation (60), Media Communications (60), Campaign Management (120) – that can be redeemed against certain activities. It’s like choosing from a menu, and if you change your mind about what you need from us that’s not a problem. No time is wasted haggling over what was and wasn’t to be included at the start of the campaign, and no need to requote for optional extras. We’ll simply divert on to what you need.

content creation declaration


We create the content and can make the media communications needed for a specific campaign – such as a product launch – all within a structured, measured and low risk programme.

Cost: £6,000*

content creation declaration



We create some or all of the content you need for your inbound and outbound digital marketing.

Services start at £2,000* pcm

Typical: Between £2,300* and £2,700* pcm


(including Content Creation)

Content creation plus a Communications Office to distribute your news and place your articles, blogs and case studies.

Services start at £2,400* pcm

Typical: (Between £2,500* & £2,700* pcm)


(including Content Creation & Media Communications)

We manage your campaigns in the capacity of a Joint Marketing Manager.

  Services start at £6,000* pcm

We also manage an agreed marketing budget.

* Terms and conditions apply.

How do I personally benefit from Declaration’s operating practices?

Simplicity. Just provide us with a rough indication of the types of activities (and quantities) you need, and we’ll start delivering against your content calendar and/or communications schedule, for example.

Flexibility. If, during the course of a campaign you decide you more need blogs and fewer cases studies (for example), we simply divert our efforts.

Accountability. We report on your credit consumption, plus we can divide your pot into smaller pots if you want to assign credits to different campaigns, divisions within your company or (for distributors) suppliers. This allows you to track ROI in detail.

Scalability. Simply purchase additional credits if you need them.

Fair. Credits can be carried over* between any of our on-going services (renewals or upgrades) and from our Marcoms Accelerator programme into an ongoing service.

What's available?

Here’s a sample of some of our activities: blog posts | articles | case studies | news items | press releases (writing and distribution) | webinar hosting | media briefings and interviews | bios | technical and corporate backgrounders | infographics | advertisement design (and placement) | FAQs | brochures and product sheets (print and digital) and webpage content creation.


If you’d like to learn more about our ‘activities and credits’ scheme, and to see a full of our activities (with their credit values), we invite you to book a free and confidential call with us.


If you have questions about how we can help grow your business and make your job easier, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can book a free and confidential consultation with us here.

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