We create the content and make the media communications needed for a specific campaign – such as a product launch – all within a structured, measured and low risk six-week programme.

Whilst marketing is an on-going activity within your organisation, occasionally a campaign comes along that requires additional resources and/or skills. Also, if the campaign is in connection with a product or service that is different from your usual ones and/or targets a new audience, your traditional processes might not produce results you want.

Our Marcoms Accelerator service provides you with the support you need to ensure success. We use our skills as writers to create fresh content and, if you need to reach the technical/trade press with your news, we can do that for you too.

Delivered over the course of just six weeks, our accelerator service comprises strategic, planning, execution and analysis elements, delivered as follows: requirements discussed; objectives set; audience review; forms of content identified and agreed; communications schedule set; interviews with stakeholders; content created and delivered, communications made; monitoring and reporting.

How do I personally benefit from Declaration’s Marcoms Accelerator?

You deliver on your overall responsibilities for the campaign but without having to divert (too much) from your day-to-day duties.

Free training. We’ll show you how to improve your content and better target your audience(s).

Free consultancy. We’ll provide feedback on which other aspects of your marcoms need to change and how; and you’ll be able to compare the approaches taken (and results obtained) by us against your traditional ones.

You get to trial the services of a highly respected technical marcoms support agency.

You’ve lots to gain and little to lose.

About the service

This is an intensive six-week programme*.

Cost: £6,000*


Our Marcoms Accelerator service is offered to OEMs, distributors, research institutes and universities.

The programme is delivered over the course of just six weeks, so is ideal if you have a campaign that requires the preparation of content – such as web pages, articles and blogs – and a trade press / social media communications campaign to raise awareness and engage with an audience.

As with our on-going support services, our accelerator service affords great flexibility in that you have access to a wealth of clearly defined activities (things we’ll do for you such as writing and distributing press releases) that are funded through credits.

Book a free confidential consultation with us and let’s discuss your campaign.

* Terms and conditions apply.

*Word count limits apply to all copywriting activities and, where articles are submitted to trade publications they may not appear online or in print with the accelerator service timeframe.


In need of ongoing support?

We are confident our Marcoms Accelerator service will not only produce the results you want but also demonstrate the considerable benefits of on-going support from Declaration.



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