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We provide you with a Communications Office that is responsible for writing and distributing your press releases and creating and placing your articles / case studies in high profile trade press publications. We are also responsible for growing your social media presence.

Reaching out to prospects through social media platforms and the trade press is essential for attracting new customers. It’s also useful for keeping existing customers informed and retaining their respect. Through media communications you can become a voice-of-authority, a provider of advice and guidance, someone to be trusted and who is there to help customers.

However, media communications require specialist writing skills, fine-tuned processes, fit-for-purpose tools and – where trade press communications are concerned – a wealth of media contacts plus a clear understanding of how the media industry works. And that’s where we come in.

We know how to write attention-grabbing news items, advice-rich articles and compelling case studies – all of which we can do, and more, under our Content Creation service. As your Communications Office we can also distribute your news and place your articles and case studies in high profile publications.

Also, having worked in the industry ourselves, we’ve an extensive network of editors, journalists, reporters and freelancers; many of whom we know personally. We’ve also built and maintain in-house a custom database that contains the forward features lists of hundreds of publications.

As your Communications Office we’ll also create and post a wealth of engaging social media content to maintain your company’s presence as a voice-of-authority in all market sectors you serve.

How do I personally benefit from Declaration’s Media Communications service?

To use social media to its full potential – for brand awareness and digital content marketing purposes – requires a great deal of effort. Posts need to be advice-rich and engaging if you are to receive likes, be shared, increase your followers and (most importantly) engage with customers.

Similarly, trade press communications – which remains an essential part of your marketing mix – needs to be done correctly if you are to attain good coverage. It’s a very different writing style. Also, you need to maintain a list of editorial contacts (for press release distribution) and have the forward features lists of all publications that are popular in the industry sectors you serve.

We take care of all of the above for you.

Simply give us sight of your marcoms strategy and we’ll not only take care of making your media communications, but we’ll also create and repurpose all the content that’s needed.

About the service

Our Media Communications service starts at just £2,600* pcm

It is provided under an annually renewable contract.

Help me communicate with my audience

Book a free confidential consultation with our two founders (one’s a former technical journalist and the other’s a former press/PR officer) and let’s discuss your marcoms strategy. We’ll also explain how we can take you from just talking about your products and services to making resounding declarations.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Only after content?

If you’re happy with how your social media presence is growing and you manage your own trade press communications but still need help with writing high-impact press releases, advice-rich articles/blogs, compelling case studies and posts then we can take of all that for you under our Content Creation service.

We'll take care of it all for you

We also offer a comprehensive Campaign Management service, under which we effectively become your joint Marketing Manager. We’ll manage specific campaigns for you; producing all the content and making all the communications necessary to ensure success.

Not quite ready for long-term/on-going support?

Not to worry. If you want to trial our services, we offer an six-week Marcoms Accelerator service. It draws from our Content Creation and Media Communications services and is ideal if you have a campaign or project that requires getting new content in front of your customers.


If you have questions about how we can help grow your business and make your job easier, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can book a free and confidential consultation with us here.

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