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Whatever marketing challenges you’re facing, we have a cost-effective and low-risk support solution that will help you attract and convert leads.

B2B marketing is not without its challenges, particularly in advanced engineering sectors, so it makes sense to outsource elements to those with the proven skills to get the results you want.

We can help. Our services are flexible, modular and scalable. Moreover, our marcoms processes and tools have been 20+ years in the making – evolving and adapting to changes within the industry.

We have four off-the-shelf services, any one of which will need only minor customisation to meet your exact needs. We’re ready to go. Now. So, if you’re serious about growing your business, attracting new leads and taking business away from your competitors, then it’s time to stop talking about your products and services – and start making declarations.

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We create the content and can make the media communications needed for a specific campaign – such as a product launch – all within a structured, measured and low risk programme.

Cost: £6,000*

content creation declaration



We create some or all of the content you need for your inbound and outbound digital marketing.

Services start at £2,200* pcm

Typical: Between £2,600* and £3,000* pcm


(including Content Creation)

Content creation plus a Communications Office to distribute your news and place your articles, blogs and case studies.

Services start at £2,600* pcm

Typical: (Between £3,000* and £3,500* pcm)


(including Content Creation & Media Communications)

We manage your campaigns in the capacity of a Joint Marketing Manager.

  Services start at £6,000* pcm

We also manage an agreed marketing budget.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Which service is best for me?

I have an important campaign for which content is urgently needed PLUS I might need some media communications.

Our Marcoms Accelerator service is just what you need.

I have a content marketing strategy, a content calendar and the processes in place to measure the effectiveness of the content. I just need ongoing support to create the steady stream of fresh or repurposed articles, blogs, news items, web pages, white papers, case studies etc. to execute my strategy to its full potential.

Our Content Creation service fits the bill. You’ll be supported by a former technical journalist (with engineering qualifications) who has been working in PR and marketing for more than 25 years. 

I have a marcoms strategy, content and communications calendars in place and can monitor the effectiveness of my marcoms. What I’m struggling with is the timely creation of the content for my inbound and outbound marketing, and my communications are not producing the results I want.

Our Media Communications service (which includes content creation and repurposing) will solve all your problems. We’ll provide you with a Communications Office, we’ve an extensive network of media contacts – so your press releases will achieve better coverage and your articles will appear in trade press publications – plus we’ll boost your social media presence. 

I need a company that will work alongside me at the strategic level, and that will produce the plans and deliver everything needed to get the best possible results. I want them to manage themselves and I want them to have continuous improvement mechanisms in place. In essence, I need them to be instrumental in and dedicated to the growth of my business.

You need our Campaign Management service. It’s highly collaborative and we take on key responsibilities.

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