What do you need to know?

Take your time to read through our most commonly asked questions, and if you have any other questions please use the form at the bottom of this page or drop us email at declare@declaration.co.uk


What makes Declaration unique?

We have a mix of skills and marketing tools and processes that are simply not found in any other agency.

We have worked in a variety of advanced engineering sectors as engineers (in a number of sectors), as writers (technical journalism) and as communicators (PR and marketing). All three components are essential if B2B technical marketing is to produce better and more qualified leads and you’re to achieve a good conversion ratio.

In addition, our engagement model is flexible and scalable. While we have ‘standard’ services, they require minimal customisation to meet your exact needs, quickly and effectively. Also, we provide an indication of what it will cost to engage our services. Why wouldn’t we? These days you shouldn’t have to phone any service provider to get an indication of costs.


What do I get for my money? / What does my company get from its investment?

Better and more qualified leads, reduced costs, reduced risk and a better overall ROI.

These are covered in our WHY? video but let’s recap them here:

Leads. The content we create and, if applicable the communications we make and campaigns we manage on your behalf, give you an enhanced presence in the industry. You’ll become a voice of authority and a Go To company.

Cost reductions. We make you more productive and your engineers too. Re’ the latter, they might currently be putting aside the occasional half or even full day to help you create your technical marketing content. That is time not being booked to product development or sold to a customer. Thanks to our engineering backgrounds and interview skills we’ll keep your engineers’ valuable time to a minimum.

Reduced risk. All marcomms activities involve risk because results aren’t guaranteed. For example, sending out a press release is one thing but achieving good coverage is another. Ditto award applications. You could invest a lot of time and not even be shortlisted. We have an excellent success rate when it comes to activities that need to be approved by others (e.g. editors and award panel judges) before they can reach their intended and wider audiences.

Better ROI. This really is the sum of the other three points. Your entire marketing engine will be leaner, slicker and more successful. Also, our services start at less than you’d pay for a marketing assistant -someone you’d have to bring up to speed with your products and markets – but with us you get an experienced technical agency that’s already familiar with your markets.

How can you help me, personally?

As a minimum we can create some of the more technically focused content you need for your inbound and outbound marketing. For example, let us be the ones to liaise with your engineers. Keeping their time to a minimum, we’ll translate technical features into marketable benefits. This will save you a lot of time and free you to play more of a strategic role in your organisation.

We’ll also make your job more enjoyable as, with an experienced agency by your side, you’ll have far greater confidence in your campaigns, knowing that risks have been reduced.

We can also manage entire campaigns for you if a big project comes up. And we can provide cover if you need to be away from work form an extended period of time.

Remember, we know your customers (we’ve been where they are) and we know you (we’ve been where you are).

What guarantees do you give?

Trust us to do what we do best, and you will benefit from better and more qualified leads. It’s as simple as that. However, we need some guarantees from you too.

You’ll need to convince us, as qualified engineers and former journalists, that your products and/or services employ or are introducing cutting-edge technologies. Apologies if that sounds arrogant, but we have to believe in your products as much as you do.

Also, if you’re engaging with us under our Gold (Campaign Management) service, we’ll need to see your BD plan and your most recent market research; which is why we ask for an MCA in place before we enter serious discussions.

Rest-assured, we are 100% committed to supporting companies who are themselves 100% committed to growth.

How long is a service contract?

As standard:

  • Our Content Creation (Bronze) service is strictly a minimum of six months, after which it is renewable on a 12, 18 or 24-month basis.
  • Our Communications (Silver) service is strictly a minimum of 12-months, after which it is renewable on a 12, 18 or 24-month basis.
  • Our Campaign Management (Gold) service is strictly a minimum of 12-months, after which it is renewable on a 24-month basis.
  • Our Gold Cover Service – available to customers subscribed under Bronze or Silver that need temporary cover (during maternity/paternity leave, for example) – is strictly a minimum of three months and a maximum of 12.
Can I find out how many credits have been used and how many I have left in the pot?

Yes. We’re really on this. We report on credit consumption and availability on every catch-up call we have.

Also, at the end of each month we issue a report that reminds us all of your credit pool size, credits drawn (against closed jobs), credits ‘To Draw’ (i.e. reserved for jobs which have commenced) and credits available.

What if I have unused credits at the end of an engagement?

Subject to contract, up to 20 credits can be carried over into a subsequent service. If the contract is not to be renewed, a maximum of 10 credits remain valid for a further one month but can only be redeemed against content creation (Bronze) activities.

Rest assured though we’ll be doing our best to ensure you don’t have any unused credits left; because unused credits means uncompleted tasks/activities.

It’s more likely that you’ll run out of credits as, in our 20 years of doing this, it’s unforeseen  work coming in (on top of that which was anticipated at the start of service) that results in a faster consumption of credits.

What if I run out credits before the end the engagement/service?

Not a problem. Let us know how many you need (or we can advise you if you’d rather talk in terms of activities) and we’ll simply invoice you.

Upon receipt of a Remittance Advice from you we will increment your credit pool and can commence work on those activities for which the credits are needed. Also, subject to contract (e.g. service renewal), we can create your next credit pool and draw down from that.

Indeed, that’s the beauty of our credit scheme. Complete flexibility and scalability – and accounting processes in place that do not impede the provision of the service.

Can I upgrade from one service to another on the fly?

Yes. For example, you can upgrade from Bronze to Silver at any time – though doing so marks the start of a new contract.

Indeed, many clients engaging us for the first time start on Bronze (taking advantage of the six-month minimum term) and use us to generate a wealth of online content for inbound marketing. Once that material is in place, and both parties are comfortable working together and recognise there’s scope for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, most clients then upgrade to Silver so that Declaration can add even more value by enhancing their outbound marketing.

In addition to marking the start of a new contract, a new credit pool is formed. It is credited or debited depending on the previous pool’s balance at the time upgrade.

Similarly, upgrading from Bronze or Silver to Gold (for campaign management) is possible at any time. Again, doing so marks the start of a new contract and a new credit pool is formed (which is credited or debited depending on the previous pool’s balance at the time upgrade).

Can I downgrade from one service to another on the fly?

Under our Silver service:

  • If it’s your first Silver service with us, you can downgrade to Bronze after six months.
  • If it’s a subsequent Silver service, you can downgrade at any time by providing three months’ notice from the first of a given month.

Under our Gold service:

  • If it’s your first Gold service with us, you can downgrade to Silver or Bronze after six months.
  • If it’s a subsequent Gold service, you can downgrade to Silver or Bronze at any time by providing three months’ notice from the first of a given month.

As with upgrading, the switch marks the start of a new contract and the new credit pool will be credited or debited depending on the old pool’s balance at the time of downgrade.

However, our Gold Cover Service – which is a temporary upgrade from Bronze or Silver – runs its course for the full agreed term (three to 12 months).

What happens if I need to terminate the contract?

Don’t worry, that’s covered in our T&Cs. In short though you can buy out of any service at any time, with the amount payable determined by how long the service has left to run.

We also have a ‘non-performance’ termination clause. It has only ever been exercised once in our 20-year history… and it was exercised by us on a client. We have never been served a termination notice as a result of us not delivering on our commitments.


Please feel free to reach out to us for any help or with any questions. We are always happy to help you make a Declaration.

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