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October 13, 2020

Flexxon Appoints Nexus: Giving Engineers Easy Access to Specialist Memory for Embedded Systems

Romsey, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Nexus Industrial Memory has been appointed by Flexxon to distribute its wide range of industrial NAND flash products – which include solid-state drives (SSDs), cards, modules, standard form factor industrial removable memory devices and ICs – in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

This appointment gives electronics, hardware, software and systems engineers easy access to Flexxon’s data storage solutions, all of which are designed for use in demanding applications within the cybersecurity, industrial, medical and automotive sectors, plus support from Nexus’ team of experienced sales engineers.

Sky Chia, Flexxon’s Sales Director, comments: “Nexus has over thirty years of experience in sectors we’re serving with our products. Also, our key messages are perfectly aligned. We’re both 100% committed to helping our customers make their data more reliable and secure, in harsh environment applications and in a world in which cyber-attacks are on the increase.”

Already recognised as the Go-To company for custom removable memory devices – which are inherently secure through their form factor, are available with crypto-authentication technology and are ruggedized for use in harsh environments – Nexus can now provide engineers with non-removable solutions too, for embedding as chips, modules, cards or SSDs.

Flexxon’s products include industrial grade SATA II and III, PATA and PCIe NVMe SSDs, eMMC and SLC chips/ICs, disk on modules (DOMs, for example USB or SATA II), and standard form factor removable memory devices, such as USB, SD and micro-SD.

Chia continues: “We’re extremely impressed with Nexus as a distributor. They engage with engineers through advice-rich articles and informative case studies, and through speaking at industry events. They genuinely want to help engineers, a commitment we have in common.”

Michael Barrett, Nexus’ Managing Director, adds: “We’re delighted with the appointment, as we’ve been aware of Flexxon’s high-quality products for several years and have long-recognised how well they would fit alongside ATEK’s Datakey products.

Barrett adds that both manufacturers also offer customisation services and that Nexus’ sales engineers have an impressive and proven track record of working with customers and suppliers to develop solutions with custom electronic or mechanical features.

“With both ATEK and Flexxon onboard as suppliers of rugged, reliable and secure memory products, off-the-shelf and fully customised, Nexus can provide even greater support to engineers seeking to embed and/or use removable memory in their designs,” concludes Barrett. “What’s more, we’re confident both suppliers will benefit too. Everyone wins.”


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